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Sean Carroon


Member, Provo Division of IRA
Deceased, shot dead by Gina Calabrese to prevent Carroon from shooting down the Concorde
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Sean Carroon is a member of the Provos, the provisional wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). He killed his first British soldier when he was 14, and did other killings, but later denounced his Provo ties and the violence, and appeared in Miami with his friend Bunny Berrigan testifying about the carnage in Northern Ireland and soliciting donations for children in Belfast. Carroon also fell for Gina Calabrese, who saved him from a Provo terrorist attack at a church where he was giving one of his speeches. Carroon in reality is planning an attack against the British supersonic airplane Concorde in Miami, first in the air, then on the tarmack at Miami International Airport (when Richard Cross, a Scotland Yard agent with his own agenda, calls him to warn him about the beach), and purchases stingers from Max Klizer and Eddie Kaye. When he takes a stinger to a parking building across from the airport (with a clear shot of the Concorde), Gina and Crockett arrive at the building to stop him, then shoot him when he refuses to disarm, knocking him off the parking building onto the street, killing him.