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Scotty McKenna


Accomplice of Cruz and Wilson
Incarcerated, accessory after the fact
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Scotty McKenna is a friend and accomplice of armed robbers Cruz and Wilson. After their arrest, Scotty married Miriam, a wealthy socialite, and had a son. In 1988 Wilson and Cruz were attending a prison concert when a riot broke out, both Wilson and Cruz were smuggled out in music equipment boxes and went looking for him and Doc Jerry, who knew where the haul from the robbery was. En route they carjacked two people and set fire to a gas station booth. They arrived at Scotty's house, tied Miriam up, and took her car, but only got $15 (Miriam had all the money and credit cards). Scotty also loves heavy metal music, playing it loudly on his boombox until Cruz threated to shoot it up. Later the police in a town were writing Scotty a noise ordinance ticket when Cruz and Wilson shot the cops and took a woman, Kathleen Gilfords, hostage. Metro-Dade Detective James "Sonny" Crockett went out in pursuit, but was stopped by the cons. Scotty guarded Crockett while the other three went out for the money. Crockett then described in explicit detail the electric chair experience if they killed a cop, which distracted Scotty long enough to allow Crockett to knock him out and escape. Scotty was later arrested for being an accessory after the fact for Cruz and Wilson's crime spree, and possibly for his role in the armored car robbery.