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CIA Operative
Professional Assassin
Deceased, killed by a Vietnamese Army soldier impersonating deceased Inspector Nguyen Van Trahn
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The Savage (first name "Frank") was a former Central Intelligence Agency operative who worked in North and South Vietnam during the War years, mainly during Operation Phoenix, a CIA program designed to infiltrate the enemy, identify Viet Cong (VC) agents/soldiers and capture (or kill if necessary) them. Some of The Savage's brothers-in-arms confirm he was highly efficient, killed over 40 VCs across enemy lines, some in their sleep. However, The Savage had a thing for prostitutes, and one of them reportedly emasculated The Savage, causing him to kill her violently, and he went back to duty after a short recovery, remaining there longer than some thought. His handler was Jack Colman, who as of 1987 runs a private security agency. While in Vietnam, The Savage began what would be a nearly 15 year run of killings, beginning in 1972, The Savage would pick up prostitutes, mainly favoring ones with long black hair (Asian ethnicity optional), kill them with a KA-BAR military knife, wounds both pre- and post-mortem, and write "VC Whore" on the wall in the victim's own blood. The killings took place in clusters of six within a 14 day period followed by an assassination of an important Communist or suspected Communist national.

The Savage's alleged killing spree went through the following countries:

  • 1973 - Thailand
  • 1978 - Paris
  • 1980 - Bangkok, Thailand
  • 1981 - Brussels
  • 1982 - Laos
  • 1984 - Copenhagen
  • 1986 - Nicaragua
  • 1987 - Miami

(With others not revealed)

He began killing in Miami when Metro-Dade Lieutenant Martin "Marty" Castillo, who had pursued the same murders in Saigon, began hunting for The Savage along with a man saying he was Inspector Nguyen Van Trahn from South Vietnam, who believes The Savage's target is a man believed by some to be a Communist, Juan Espinoza. When discovered, he was inside Espinoza's residence and stabbed Castillo before being killed by "Trahn" before The Savage could kill Espinoza.