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Sarah MacPhail


Drug Dealer
Girlfriend of Tony Rivers
Working cons with Phil Mayhew
Episode Appeared In
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Sarah MacPhail is the girlfriend of drug distributor Tony Rivers, who used her as the "broker" for his operations, selling in "small, respectable amounts to respectable people" (a.k.a. doctors, lawyers, etc.) to keep the attention off that normally would occur if he were dealing in large amounts (kilos). She became acquainted with con artist Phil Mayhew, who charmed her by buying jewelry, having lunches and dinners with her, and setting up a drug party at his home. However, Phil decided to pull a con on Sarah's friends by offering them drugs he didn't have for less than Rivers (through Sarah) was selling for. After Phil is told to follow through on the deal or else, Sarah and Rivers meet Mayhew, Sonny Burnett and Rico Cooper at an amusement park to finalize the deal, but gunfire erupts when the money case was actually a decoy, Rivers was killed, but Sarah and Phil got away, later to be seen on TV pushing a faith-healer scam.