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Inmate, Bolton Prison
Leader, Muslim Brotherhood
Deceased, shot by prison guards defending Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
Episode Appeared In
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Samson was an inmate at Bolton Prison, and head of the Muslim Brotherhood prison gang. While in prison, he befriended another inmate, Carl, who lost an eye to the Aryan Sons gang led by Hammer, because Carl taught Samson how to read, and Samson wrote Carl every couple of weeks, updating him on the situation there. As a favor to the Vice cops Stan Switek and Larry Zito, Carl agreed to have Samson help Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs in his mission to end the corruption and killings in Bolton--in exchange for Samson's parole hearing being moved up by two years. When Tubbs arrived in Bolton and was harassed by the Aryans, Samson defended him twice, but after the second attempt he was shot dead by the tower guards.