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Sam Kovics


Porn distributor
Deceased, killed by Arthur Lawson
Played By

Sam Kovics (1941-1984) was a producer and distributor of illegal pornography. His activities, particularly his involvement in underage porn and possibly murder, made him a target of both the FBI and the Metro-Dade Police Department.

Kovics was ultimately shot dead by Special Agent Arthur Lawson, who had been undercover in Kovics' organization building a case against him.


With Kovics' illegal activities coming to the attention of the FBI, Special Agent Arthur Lawson was sent undercover in his orgnaization to build a case against him. While Lawson closely monitored Kovics' activities and kept detailed records of his illegal activities, he also became seduced by the lifestyle of a wealthy criminal and fell out of contact with his superiors. By 1984, the Organized Crime Bureau had launched its own investigation of Kovics, unaware of the ongoing FBI case. After the Vice team busted one of Kovics' producers, Jimmy Conway, as well as everyone else involved in Conway's latest film, a young actress starring in the film named Penny McGraw was killed in suspicious circumstances, with all signs pointing to Kovics.

As Crockett and Tubbs continued their investigation, they uncovered Lawson's real identity, forming a reluctant partnership with him, and also learned that Kovics was planning to move his entire operation to Mexico to evade prosecution. Crockett, Tubbs and Lawson set up a deal to purchase all of Kovics' inventory, but during the operation Tubbs' wire malfunctioned, exposing the undercover cops. Kovics took the Vice cops to a secluded causeway to kill them, but asked Lawson to do the shooting -- instead, Lawson turned on his boss and opened fire on his men, finally emptying a sub-machine gun into Kovics' limo, killing the porno leader inside.