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Sam Boyle


Deceased, shot by Roberto Enriquez after Boyle stole his cocaine shipment
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Sam Boyle was a lawyer in a firm that included Ben Madsen, a well-respected attorney. Boyle's tactics were always on the edge, constantly looking for a minor mistake that makes the difference between acquittal, conviction, or outright dismissal. Boyle also had secret dealings with the mob, especially with Frank Romano, for whom Boyle was laundering money. Madsen found out about this and was preparing a case when Boyle killed Madsen, then made it look like a bargain-basement killing to the police, and took his impressionable daughter, Lisa, under his wing, helped her through law school, joined Boyle in his practice, and allowed Lisa to blame the police for her father's death. Boyle ran afoul of Romano by skimming some of the clean money to finance his Vegas vacations, and Romano arrived in Miami demanding repayment of his "unsecured loan" of $500K--$1 million or else. Boyle was defending a drug dealer, Roberto Enriquez, and got him off of a charge of dealing on a technicality when he got wind of his 199 kilo cocaine shipment, so Boyle saw this as a way to pay his debt--steal the shipment, which he did by killing Skip Jordan, sold it to Romano as re-payment, then got $1 million from Enriquez by saying Jordan had stolen his cocaine. Enriquez found out about this (after paying the money) and planned to kill Boyle. Lisa was a fierce defender of Boyle and his tactics, until she found out that Boyle knew about a booby-trap Enriquez set for an undercover detective, Gina Calabrese, which was intercepted by a 12-year-old boy, Nicky, causing his death. Lisa then began reading Boyle's private files and found out he was her father's killer because of what he knew, and set up Boyle to be hit by Enriquez. Boyle went to Miller Airfield, preparing to leave, when Enriquez pulled up and shot Boyle twice, killing him.