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Salvatore "Sal" Lombard


Rita (?-1989, his death), one son
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Salvatore "Sal" Lombard was the son of mobster Albert "Al" Lombard. Sal was estranged from his father for several years, refusing to accept his gifts (including a new Corvette) and attend college in law (he chose English Literature instead) and unhappy about his mob dealings. Sal only wanted his dad to do one thing to win his love back--testify against Librizzi--and when he refused and took the Fifth, Sal stormed out of the courtroom angry, then his father went into exile for four years.

In 1989, Sal worked with arms dealer Hans Weitzler to obtain a new device, HAVOC, which is designed to disable vehicles remotely. During his father's exile Sal

Sal Lombard 1989

married Rita (who dislikes Sal's father intensely) and had a son, Tommy. Lombard returned from exile to meet his son, who tells his father he is into real estate capital but when Lombard finds out the truth, he wants his son to get out, and father and son revert into their old antagonistic relationship when a hitman for Librizzi kills him, but before Sal dies he lets his father know about a package relating to HAVOC.