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Sally Alvarado


Drug dealer working for Lupo Ramirez
Incarcerated, drug distribution
Played By

Sally Alvarado (born 1958) was a drug dealer working for Lupo Ramirez.


When Crockett and Tubbs discovered Alvarado's stash in a Miami warehouse, they pressured the man guarding the drugs, Bob Rickert, into giving up Alvarado. When they arrived at the dealer's house to question him, Alvarado opened fire before taking off in his Ford Bronco; the Vice cops chased him down in Tubbs' Coupe de Ville and arrested him after he crashed into a hotdog vendor at the beachfront.

Alavarado was almost immediately bailed by "people of means" (presumably by Ramirez or one of his contacts) and was provided with high-priced lawyer Richard Cain, who duly went after the confidential informant who had named his client. The ploy worked, and Crockett was placed in jail for contempt of court for refusing to name his source while Alvarado was back on the streets. When Rickert voluntarily named himself to get Crockett out, Alvarado planned to kill him to ensure his eternal silence. However, before he could commit the act, he was arrested by Crockett and Tubbs once more, having this time been implicated by Cinco.