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Rudy Ramos


Middleman for Joey Wyatt
Incarcerated, drug dealing, conspiracy
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Rudy Ramos is a middleman for drug dealer Joey Wyatt. In 1984 he was busted by Metro-Dade Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs for minor charges, then in 1987 he was involved in trafficking and distributing drugs for Wyatt. He brought drugs to Dr. Theresa Lyons on a regular basis, but when Wyatt was busted for drug distribution, Ramos demanded Theresa get the location of the warehouse where the evidence against Wyatt was stored, or he would expose Theresa's drug habit to the police and the Medical Board. Theresa complied, Ramos took the information to Arzola, one of Wyatt's muscle men, and the warehouse was blown up, killing three policemen inside. Tubbs confronted Ramos about the explosion, holding his head in a toilet until Ramos gave up Arzola as the man that did the actual job. Ramos was later arrested on his role in the drug operation.