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"Rubber Love" is a song by the fictional band Moon and the Blowguns, recorded exclusively for Miami Vice in 1987. It appeared in the episode "Like a Hurricane".


  • The song and its performing artist were both created for the show -- there is no such band as Moon and the Blowguns, and the actual musicians behind the music are unknown. However, even from the briefest of samples that plays in the episode, it can be heard that at least some portion of a song was written and recorded for the scene in which Paul Fremont and Gordon Wiggins derisively toss aside Tommy Lowe's "next big thing". Other than its use in the show, the song has not appeared on any album or as a single, making it one of the few Miami Vice songs never to see a release in any form outside of the episode in which it was used.
  • "Rubber Love" has the dubious honor of being the shortest song sample heard in the entire series -- barely 2 seconds of it are played before Wiggins turns it off and throws away the tape.
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