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Rosella Maestres


Prostitute for Ivory Jones
Daughter of Juan Carlos Silva
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Rosella Maestres is a prostitute working for Ivory Jones, who was injured by a john that threw her into a glass mirror when she bit him. Rosella was taken to OCB, where she wouldn't stop crying, then to the hospital to care of her injuries, but was taken out by Roberto Penaro, who offered drugs to feed her addiction. Rosella wanted to help bring down Juan Carlos Silva, who she did not want to be around, but the cops feared her addiction would get in the way. Silva killed everyone who got close to Rosetta: Her fiance Enrico Acalde, Penaro, and Jones. Finally Rosetta's secret was revealed--Silva is her father, and he has had a long-term incestous relationship with Rosella, she has finally tired of it, and when they are on a yacht, Rosetta tells Silva "Good Bye, Daddy," and prepares to shoot him, presumably killing him.