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Rolando Jordan


Detective Sergeant, Broward County Police Department
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Rolando Jordan is a Detective Sergeant with the Broward County Police Department, and a longtime friend of Metro-Dade Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. When they knew each other Jordan always "did what it took" to get the job done, but in 1988, when Tubbs was investigating the disappearance of his partner, James "Sonny" Crockett, and needed information on Miguel Manolo, Jordan resisted, fearing his badge due to an ongoing IAD investigation into a leak regarding Manolo. Finally, Jordan guided Tubbs to Manolo's art gallery, then agreed to provide $10,000 in buy money for Tubbs, on the condition he wear a bullet-proof vest, which saved Tubbs' life when Crockett (who had transformed into his drug dealing alter-ego, Sonny Burnett), shot him in an alley. Jordan helped figure out that fellow detective Jimmy Hagovitch was the leak, and went with Tubbs to confront Hagovitch and Manolo, but Hagovitch was shot by Burnett and Tubbs' partner fled in a boat.