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Rod Ball
Miami Vice Characters
Renny ("Heart of Darkness", uncredited)
Orderly ("Miracle Man")
May 8, 1955, Miami, Florida

Rod Ball (born May 8, 1955, Miami, Florida) appeared in an uncredited role as Renny, who was kicked while down by Artie Rollins for a late payment in the episode "Heart of Darkness", and as an orderly treating Georgie "Miracle Man" Esteban in the episode "Miracle Man" of the series Miami Vice.

One of Ball's most remembered roles was as "Steve" in Porky's and Porky's II: The Next Day. Some of his other movie roles include his 1980 debut in The Island (with Brad Sullivan), Rhinestone (with Dolly Parton), Cape Fear (with Edgar Allen Poe IV), and Promises (with Robert Escobar). His TV appearances are limited in number, but include B.L. Stryker, The Adventures of Superboy, Burn Notice (with Julio Oscar Mechoso), an uncredited role in the Netflix series Bloodline in 2015, and in an episode of the 2018 series StartUp (with Ron Perlman).