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Miami Vice Performer
March 15, 1964, Detroit, Michigan

Kennedy William Gordy (born March 15, 1964) is an American R&B singer who performed under the name Rockwell, whose songs "Somebody's Watching Me" (in "Brother's Keeper") and "Change Your Ways" (in "Rites of Passage") appeared in the show Miami Vice.


Gordy was born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of Motown Records founder Barry Gordy, but got his record deal without his father's knowledge to avoid the appearance of nepotism. He went by the name of Rockwell because "he rocked well". His first album, Somebody's Watching Me included the title song, which featured Michael Jackson on harmony vocals and his brother Jermaine on backing vocals. The single reached #2, which made Rockwell a "one-hit wonder", as his only other charted single, "Obscene Phone Caller" reached #35. His debut album also included his other Vice song, "Change Your Ways". Rockwell released two other albums, Captured & The Genie, but neither reached the success level as Somebody's Watching Me. Rockwell left the recording industry in 1991.