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Roberto Marquez is a diplomat from an unspecified country based in the Consulate in Miami. Marquez also has an appetite for call girls, as he is a heavy client of David Traynor, and has "rather unique habits". Traynor offered Marquez his new find, Diane Gordon, for $5000 once Traynor had her ready, later he was captured on an illegally obtained surveillance tape from Switek and Zito with Diane, which was seen by Diane's sister, Valerie. Valerie, along with Vice cops James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs go to see Marquez in the Consulate to find out where she is, at first Marquez cries diplomatic immunity and refuses to cooperate, but when Valerie explains to him that the girl "that likes to do the things you like to do" is her sister, he acquieses and provides them with Traynor's address, then gets them into one of his parties.