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Roberto Enriquez


Drug Dealer
Incarcerated, murder of Sam Boyle
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Roberto Enriquez was a drug dealer, running high volumes using his pilot, Skip Jordan to do most of his running. In 1989 Enriquez picked up a 200 kilo shipment (less one kilo inside a stuffed gorilla) when the police moved in to bust him, during the bust Enriquez tried to escape and ended up getting a tar bath. During his trial, Enriquez's lawyer, Sam Boyle, noticed a typo in the license number for the warrant used to search Enriquez's car, rendering it invalid, and Enriquez was released due to the technicality. Enriquez got real close to an undercover detective, Gina Calabrese, but felt she was a mole and devised a plan to smoke her out, which was done when Enriquez gave Gina false information about a drug meet, then the police moved in and found only Enriquez and Lisa Madsen, who worked with Boyle, and a C4 booby-trap was planted (as a flower bouquet) at Gina's place, but a 12-year-old boy, Nicky (who was helping Gina with her groceries) found it and died in the resulting explosion. Enriquez was arrested again for Nicky's death, but was released when Lisa divulged privileged information to the police, violating attorney-client privilege, but found out that Boyle had killed Jordan and took the drug shipment to pay off mob debts, and directed the dealer to where Boyle was, and Enriquez shot Boyle dead, after which he was arrested for the third time and sent to jail.