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Robert Escobar
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Roberto Escobar appeared as a Miguel Manolo goon in the episode "Mirror Image", as Emilio in the episodes "Hostile Takeover" and "Redemption in Blood", and as Torres, a drug dealer who tried to break from Manuel Aguila and was killed for it, in the episode "Miracle Man" of the series Miami Vice.

Escobar has appeared in a number of Spanish-language films and TV shows. Some of his American appearances include on an episode of the series' B.L. Stryker, Swamp Thing, One Tree Hill, Burn Notice, the 2011 version of Charlie's Angels, and his most recent TV appearance, the 2012 series Magic City (with Kelly Lynch). His movies include Transporter 2 (his most recent), Folks! (with Robert Pastorelli), and Cat Chaser (with Tomas Milian).