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Robbie Cann


Bar Owner
Friend of James "Sonny" Crockett
Son of Johnny Cannata
Wife Julia, son Allan Christopher (born 1985)
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Robbie Cann (born Robbie Cannata) is the son of mobster Johnny Cannata, but Robbie changed his name after high school to Cann to avoid the scrutiny of being the son of a mob figure. He met James "Sonny" Crockett in 1967 while they attended the University of Florida, becoming teammates on the football team, then both went to Vietnam and served time in the war, Crockett once pulling Cann out of a firefight, wounded, and refusing to throw POWs out of choppers. They went back to the world, Crockett pursuing his police career and Cann trying to make something of himself, marrying his wife Julia, having a son, Allan Christopher, naming Crockett as his son's godfather, and opening up a successful bar using money borrowed from his father. Crockett & Cann celebrated Allan's birth, but Crockett felt used by Robbie to prevent him finding out about his true family and that he knew his father and Frank Doss had a hit on a cocktail waitress, Dorothy Bain, who took tally sheets belonging to Doss and Morty Price. Crockett pressured Cann into "doing the right thing" and stopping Doss' hitmen from killing Dorothy and her son, and Cann did so, taking a bullet defending Dorothy from the hitmen, and Crockett let him know how proud of him he was.