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Drug Dealer
Deceased, killed in shootout with Metro-Dade
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Rivas was a drug dealer with operations in South America, including Ecuador. In 1988 Phoenix SA import/export head Malcolm Grey sent his employee Ma Sek to Miami to deliver a package (drugs) to Rivas, but it never arrived, as the trucks normally filled with produce and drugs contained produce only. Rivas then went looking for Ma Sek, taking his wife, May Ying, hostage to force Ma Sek to return his money and drugs. Rivas and his man Cortez tortured May Ying until she disclosed where she was to meet her husband, but was all a ruse set up by Ma Sek, as he planned to leave with his partner, Dimitri, on a boat with the goods. May Ying's ex-husband, Martin "Marty" Castillo, took his Metro-Dade OCB team to the warehouse where Rivas was and ordered Rivas to surrender. When he refused, a shootout began, resulting in Rivas and many of his men being killed.