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Rita Lombard


Wife of Salvatore "Sal" Lombard
Mother of Tommy Lombard
Daughter-in-law of Al Lombard
Living in seclusion with Tommy after Sal's and Al's deaths as of 1989
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Rita Lombard is the wife of Sal, as well as the mother of Tommy Lombard, and the daughter-in-law of former mobster Al Lombard, who Rita rejected outright due to his past history and known lifestyle, and from which she fiercely protected Tommy. In 1989, Al Lombard emerged from exile after his 1985 contempt citation was dropped by a judge (paid off by his former boss and current adversary, Frederico Librizzi) wanting to see his grandson, having not been around when he was born, but Rita refuses outright, despite Lombard's overtures to provide for him, because she blamed him for Sal's choice of careers and his death. After the elder Lombard's death, Rita and Tommy lived in seclusion in Miami.