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Tony Amato (husband)
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Rita Amato was the wife of arms dealer Tony Amato. Unable to escape her abusive marriage, she considered hiring a hitman to have her husband killed, but ultimately decided she could not go through with it and instead worked with OCB to bring him down.

However, when her husband was released from custody on the orders of an unidentified Federal agency (likely the CIA), she shot him dead and was arrested for murder.


Rita's marriage to Tony was far from a happy one, with her husband routinely subjecting her to both verbal and physical abuse. Several times she tried to leave him, even going so far as to hire a divorce lawyer; however, Tony hired several men to rape the lawyer's wife, threatening to do the same to his daughter if he didn't drop the case. Desperate to escape her life of misery, Rita considered hiring a hitman to have her husband killed, arranging to meet a man suggested by a friend to discuss the matter. Unknown to Rita, Crockett had learned of her actions due to OCB's ongoing investigation into her husband; the Vice cop intercepted the hitman and met Rita in his place. She confessed that she could not go through with it, and a somewhat relieved Crockett identified himself and took Rita to OCB to inform her of their investigation.

When the Vice unit informed her that she would have to return to her husband to avoid arousing his suspicions, she reluctantly agreed, although in doing so she suffered yet more abuse at his hands (deeply distressing Crockett, who was helpless to do anything but watch). Eventually, the Vice squad succeeded in arresting Tony in a sting. Rita went to attend his arraignment, but to her horror, saw him being released on the courthouse steps by unidentified government agents. Devastated and unable to face the prospect of her husband's return, Rita pulled a gun and shot him dead before Crockett could stop her.