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Riochi Tanaka


Yazuka Boss
Deceased, committed seppuku after disgrace of being beaten by Kenji Fujitsu
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Riochi Tanaka was a Yazuka boss, and leader of a group planning to take over AveryTec, a company owned by W. Colton Avery. During World War II, Tanaka was accused of war crimes by General MacArthur, but never tried, instead he joined with the yazuka to stop the Communists, then became one of the yazuka, bringing in Agawa, owner of a chain of steakhouses, and using Metro-Dade Detective Ernest Haskell as his Miami contact. In 1987, Tanaka's corporation (the 14th largest in Japan) used numerous front companies to buy up large amounts of AveryTec stock in an effort to force a hostile takeover on the company, but Avery heard about Tanaka's plans and thwarted them, so Tanaka invited Avery to a dinner, massage, and steam bath, during which Agawa drowned Avery in the sauna. Tanaka had a former member of the National Police, Kenji Fujitsu, after him because of his actions, and won a fight against Agawa, leaving Tanaka's right-hand man in disgrace. That, combined with Haskell's failures, made Tanaka also feel disgraced, so he took his life in the yazuka way by committing seppuku -- slicing his stomach open with a samurai sword.