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Richard Highsmith


Metro-Dade Captain
Metro-Dade Police Chief
Deceased, killed by Caesar Montoya
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Richard Highsmith was a Captain in the Metro-Dade Police Department, and Lieutenant Martin "Marty" Castillo's immediate superior officer in 1989. Highsmith was very ambitious and had serious political aspirations, planning to run for County Supervisor, and possibly due to this, he proposed spending cuts within Metro-Dade, especially OCB, and eliminating desk jobs, forcing all officers (including supervisors) into the field. Castillo felt the cuts and their justification was unwise, and the team predictably was upset over this, then the Captain sent officers out to actively campaign for him, but Highsmith was involved in a vigilante group headed by Walter Stevens, to eliminate criminals without going through the normal channels, and though Highsmith's involvement was never proven, the fact he appeared on television to praise himself for saving James "Sonny" Crockett's life (by shooting Stevens down before he could reveal just how high up Stevens' operation went) was very telling. Later in 1989, Highsmith (now promoted to Police Chief) was brought in by Colonel Andrew Baker for the General Borbon operation for Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs to get the General from Costa Morada to the US, and Highsmith was to oversee the Miami operation. Highsmith, whose political ambitions remained strong, was threatened with ending his political career if he didn't help get Borbon to a safe house supervised by Baker, but Highsmith was working with Caesar Montoya, Borbon's enemy, and Highsmith was getting money from Montoya through their mutual accountant, Max Flynn, and after Tubbs was kidnapped by Montoya to get the location of Borbon, Crockett went to see Highsmith to demand Tubbs' location...or else. Highsmith caved and gave Crockett the location, but the Chief went to the trailer as well demanding Montoya surrender, and is shot dead by Montoya.