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Richard Cross


Ex-S.A.S. Commando
Counter-Terrorism Expert, Scotland Yard
Incarcarated, Consipracy, Obstruction of Justice
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Richard Cross is a Counter-Terrorism Expert for Scotland Yard, formerly a commando with the British Special Air Service (SAS). His specialty is the ongoing "Troubles" between the British military and the Irish Republican Army, and particularly interested in Sean Carroon, who was a member of the Provos (provisional wing) and recently renounced violence, but Cross feels Carroon is planning an attack on American soil in the name of the Provos, and wants to stop him, regardless of American law or constitutional protections. To get his way, Cross (in a drunken state) called Carroon to warn him about what Metro-Dade Vice was planning (to stop his bringing down the Concorde supersonic airliner from the beach using a stinger bought from Eddie Kaye), which was picked up by a wiretap on Carroon's room, and after Kaye and Bunny Berrigan were killed, Martin "Marty" Castillo arrested Cross on conspiracy and obstruction of justice.