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Richard Compton
Miami Vice Director
March 2, 1938, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 11, 2007, Los Angeles, California (age 69)
Veronica Cartwright (1982-2007, his death), one child

Richard Compton (March 2, 1938 - August 11, 2007) was an American actor/writer/director, who directed the episodes "Down for the Count (Part I)", "Down for the Count (Part II)", "Everybody's in Showbiz", "The Big Thaw", "Badge of Dishonor", "Line of Fire", and "Too Much, Too Late" of the show Miami Vice.


Compton began as an actor, appearing in the TV shows Felony Squad and Star Trek: The Original Series (with George Takei), and in the movies Angels Die Hard (also written and directed) and Bury Me An Angel, before turning behind the cameras, writing and directing the "Don't Go To Dixie" movies Macon County Line and its' sequel, Return to Macon County. Compton then turned to directing full-time, supervising episodes of numerous TV shows, including Hardcastle and McCormick, T.J. Hooker, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Home Improvement, The Young Riders, Babylon 5, Sliders, Charmed, The X-Files, and JAG (his final TV series).

Personal Life/Death

Compton married actress Veronica Cartwright in 1982 until his death on August 11, 2007, at the age of 69. They had one son, Dakota. Compton was also the brother-in-law of Lost in Space and The Sound of Music star Angela Cartwright.