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Richard Cain


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Richard Cain (born 1957) was a high-priced lawyer who was hired to represent drug dealer Sally Alvarado. He succeeded in having Crockett throw in jail on a contempt citation for refusing to name the informant who had fingered Alvarado.


Cain and Crockett had dealings with each other on several occasions before Cain "became big time". When Crockett and Tubbs busted Sally Alvarado for drug dealing, Cain was hired by "people of means" (presumably Lupo Ramirez, Alvarado's boss) to defend him. Out of respect for their past experience, Cain called Crockett and Tubbs into his office to warn them of his defense strategy -- to force Crockett to name his informant (Bob Rickert) so that he could be cross-examined at the trial. Realizing doing so would put Rickert's life at risk, Crockett refused. At the pre-trial hearing, Cain pushed the issue, and Judge Cohen ended up handing Crockett a thirty day sentence when he refused under oath to name his source.

Rickert later went to Cain voluntarily, giving himself up to get Crockett out and retracting his statement in the hopes it would clear him with Alvarado.