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Ricardo Tubbs, Jr.


Son of Angelina Madeira and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs (born 1985)
Unknown, last seen being taken to Calderone house in 1986
Episode Appeared In

Ricardo Tubbs, Jr. is the son of Esteban Calderone's daughter Angelina Madeira and Vice Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. When Tubbs and his partner, James "Sonny" Crockett, went to St. Andrews Island looking for Calderone, Tubbs found Angelina painting on the beach, then again at her school, later at her place where they both succumbed to their mutual attraction and made love, after which Angelina became pregnant with Ricardo Jr, but she never told Tubbs because she never intended to see him again, but due to her half-brother Orlando's vendetta against Tubbs (including a $1 million bounty on his head) she located him and revealed their love child, Tubbs immediately took both mother and child into his family, however Orlando kidnapped Angelina and Ricardo, Jr, rigging up a car to explode with Angelina inside, however they take Ricardo, Jr. back to the main Calderone house, so while it was assumed by everyone he perished in the explosion that killed Angelina, baby Ricardo, Jr. was still alive. Tubbs assumed his son is dead and will never see him again.