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Rhoda King


Prison Psychiatrist
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Rhoda King is a psychiatrist working in prison, who served as Jake Manning's "shrink" during his incarceration. After Manning's release, he was seeking "subjects" to imprison in his homemade "dungeon" to show just how hellish (to him) his time in prison was. Manning kidnapped King from her home and brought her to the dungeon, where she was imprisoned along with a prostitute, Anna, drug dealer, Eddie, prisoner, Mason Jackson, and the cop that busted him, Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. After everyone except her and Tubbs were killed, Rhoda knew she was next to die, and begged for her life before Manning's filmmaker, Robert Phelps, arrived and was brought to the death chamber to watch Rhoda die in the electric chair. But Tubbs' re-rigging of the chair previously paid off, and Barry Gay, Manning's assistant, was electrocuted and King was saved, later rescued from the dungeon.