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Reuben Reydolfo


Lieutenant for dealer Mario Fuente
Deceased, killed by DEA Agent Kevin Cates
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Reuben Reydolfo was the right-hand man for drug dealer Mario Fuente, his "secretary of state", as no one got to see Fuente unless Reydolfo allowed it. Reydolfo worked with Metro-Dade Vice Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs on a drug deal to meet with Fuente face to face, but Reydolfo refused. Another policeman, DEA Agent Kevin Cates, worked on Reydolfo until he agreed to all three meeting with Fuente, but then Crockett's cover is blown when Fuente finds out he is a cop because he thinks Crockett has his missing $3 million, being stolen by Jesus Maroto before his arrest. Reydolfo then agrees to a new deal involving the money, exchanging that for 100 kilos of "weasel dust". En route to Fuente's boat, Reydolfo is killed by Cates, who is the one that actually took the money.