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Top Chart Position (Hot 100)
10 (March 16, 1985, two weeks)
Year Released
Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Peter Gill, Holly Johnson, Brian Nash & Mark O'Toole
RIAA Certification
Sequence song appears
Opening sequence with Gina & Trudy playing addicts
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"Relax" is a song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, released as a single in 1983 and later featured on the album Welcome to the Pleasuredome in 1984. A remix of the song, known as the "U.S. Mix", appeared in the Miami Vice episode "Little Prince".


  • The use of a remix of "Relax" makes it one of only four songs to appear in Miami Vice in something other than its standard album form -- the others being "Baba O'Riley" by The Who, "Gambler" by Madonna and "Never Let Me Down Again" by Depeche Mode. While the use of alternate versions/mixes was decidedly rare in the series, the Miami Vice film features numerous songs that appear in alternate remixed form.
  • The "U.S. Mix" used in the show was originally released on the "Relax" 12" vinyl single. It is essentially the regular song with a lengthy instrumental intro at the start.
  • The "U.S. Mix" was one of many alternate mixes of "Relax" prepared for various single releases around the world. Rather confusingly, many of these mixes have been mislabelled, including on their original releases. For instance, the "U.S. Mix" was frequently given the incorrect title of "Sex Mix" on vinyl, while more recent digital releases have mislabelled it the "New York Mix" -- both of these are actually different, completely instrumental mixes of the song. Producer Trevor Horn has since shed light on the issue and confirmed that the version most widely available on the 12" single -- and the version used in Miami Vice -- is officially titled the "U.S. Mix".
  • "Relax" was originally released in 1983 in the United Kingdom, but did not debut on the Billboard Hot 100 until January 10, 1985, one month after "Little Prince" premiered.
  • The song encountered resistance from DJs and radio stations due to its explicit lyrics, at point being banned by the BBC, but still managed to make the Billboard Top 10, as well as the UK number one, on the strength of record sales.
  • The song is one of several featured in Miami Vice that was later included in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, which was heavily inspired by the show. The regular album version of the song appears on the fictional in-game radio station Wave 103.


  • Holly Johnson - lead vocals
  • Brian Nash - guitar
  • Peter Gill - drums
  • Mark O'Toole - bass
  • Paul Rutherford - vocals
  • Andrew Richards - keyboards
  • Louis Jardim - percussion
  • Steven Lipson - guitar

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Don't Do It)

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