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Miami Vice Performer
Tom Cochrane (born 1953)
Ken Greer
Jeff Jones

Red Rider, also known as Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, is a Canadian rock band whose songs "Lunatic Fringe" ("Smuggler's Blues"), "Can't Turn Back" ("Tale of the Goat"), and "Big League" ("Hard Knocks") appeared in the show Miami Vice.


Red Rider was formed in 1978 with Tom Cochrane (vocals), Ken Greer (guitar), Jeff Jones (bass), Peter Boynton (keyboards), and Rob Baker (drums). They recorded the albums Don't Fight It, As Far As Siam (featuring "Lunatic Fringe", Neruda (featuring "Can't Turn Back", Steve Sexton replaced Boynton on keyboards) and Breaking Curfew (John Webster replaced Sexton on keyboards) between 1979-1984, with "Lunatic Fringe" the only song that made a dent in the US, featured in the movie Vision Quest and is a staple on classic rock stations today. In 1986 the group released their first album with their new name, Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, followed by Victory Day (featuring "Big League") and their final album, 1989's The Symphony Sessions with the band performing with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, with Cochrane's solo career flourishing, the band broke up, but Cochrane, Greer & Jones reunited in 2002 under Tom Cochrane and Red Rider and continue to tour.