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Reb Gustafson


Leader of the Violators
Deceased, shot dead by James "Sonny" Crockett
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Reb Gustafson was a member of the Violators, who provided security for the drug dealer known as Edward "The Wire" Constandine. He, along with Toad and Lascoe, worked with the The Wire, but Gustafson was really close to him, to the point he listened to The Wire's video-taped last will and testament, leaving all of his things to his sister Victoria Elizabeth, and she refused his things when Gustafson brought them to her. Gustafson previously served time in prison, and his psychiatrist indicated Gustafson had become psychopathic, however Gustafson read the works of Frederich Nietzsche, especially his philosophy on The Will To Power and Eternal Life. Gustafson decided to carry out his "mission"; to kill everyone who dealt with The Wire in the previous two weeks, which would make sure he also killed those responsible for The Wire's death. Gustafson also carried a bulletproof vest with him, which he used to successfully defend against Metro-Dade Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs when he tried to shoot Gustafson, resulting in Tubbs being injured. Tubbs' partner, James "Sonny" Crockett, who actually killed The Wire, went after Gustafson, and engaged in a physical confrontation, Gustafson choking Crockett while the Vice cop got his ankle gun out and put two slugs into Gustafson's chest, which caused an adrenaline rush that resulted in both ending up in the water, but Gustafson was killed by the shots.