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Ray Gilmore


Metro-Dade Lieutenant, Burglary
In Psychiatric Hospital after The Shadow case
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Ray Gilmore is a Lieutenant with Metro-Dade's Burglary division, and the junior officer of Captain Cahill. In 1986 Gilmore was working the case of the Shadow, a cat burglar with very strange habits, and the case began to consume Gilmore gradually, he began "sensing" where the Shadow would strike next, but the slow progression of the case and the growing list of victims caused public outrage, and James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs were brought in to help Gilmore, but Gilmore became more erratic, going from cooperative to psychotic in a short period of time, and when they visited a former burglar, George Wyatt, now wheelchair-bound, Gilmore snapped and dumped Wyatt out of his chair, Crockett nearly punched a superior officer, and is arrested. Later Metro-Dade got a call for a burglar, when shots rang out, Crockett busted in and found Gilmore shooting at a tin box, was taken into custody, and sent to psychiatric lockup. Crockett still believed in him enough to check on his own erratic hunch about where the Shadow would strike, and his choice matched Crockett's choice, and the Shadow was caught.