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Ramon Morandez


Drug Dealer
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Ramon Morandez is a drug dealer and a practicer of the Santeria religion. When his son was kidnapped by "dirty" South Beach policemen involved in an extortion ring, he paid ransom to get him back, which he was, unharmed, but where he took no action, feeling it was "part of the business", Victor Davila swore revenge against the South Beach cops, and began killing those involved with his son's kidnapping, leaving behind Santeria religious symbols to let people know he was acting out of revenge. Morandez, feeling the violence was against the Santeria way, contacted priestess Chata to meet with Vice Lieutenant Martin "Marty" Castillo to share what he knew about the cop killings, after he did, he felt betrayed because Castillo did not shake his hand or acknowledge his contribution, but Castillo let him know that "in time, I'll bury you, too!".