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Metro-Dade Officer, Gang Division
Deceased, killed by grenade launcher from the Fellas gang
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Ramirez (1962-1986) was an officer in the Metro-Dade Gang Division, assigned to get undercover inside gangs to record activities and attempt to bring them down. His youth-like looks made it easy for him to fit in, and his current (as of 1986) assignment was a cover role as an Eastside High School student, and member of the Apostle gang. He was first encountered during a bust involving Archie Ellis, when the Apostles showed up Vice cops James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs tried to stop them and the Apostles fled, and Tubbs caught Ramirez and they met with his lieutenant Lee Atkins about the gang situation. Ramirez later met Crockett and Tubbs at a lunch counter to let them know the Apostles had a plan to bomb Fellas member Curtis "Count" Walker which would let them get a foot into Walker's camp. However, the Fellas shot a grenade launcher at a car full of Apostles, and all were killed, including Ramirez.