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Rafael Tubbs

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NYPD Detective, Narcotics/Vice Division
Deceased, shot by Esteban Calderone's men
Played By
Ernest Robinson (uncredited)

Detective Rafael Tubbs was an officer with the City of New York Police Department, working in the Narcotics/Vice Division. His younger brother, Ricardo, idolized him and chose to become a cop because of him, being assigned to the Bronx Armed Robbery Division of the NYPD.


In 1984, Rafael was working a drug deal with the Colombian Esteban Calderone when he was "made" by Calderone's men; both he and his contact inside Calderon'e organization were gunned down at their meeting as a result. Ricardo, who had been watching over the deal and witnessed the shootings, held Rafael in his arms as he died. Swearing revenge for his brother's death, Ricardo assumed his brother's name and pursued Calderone to Miami, using forged NYPD clearance documents to link up with the Metro-Dade Police Department, who were also investigating Calderone.