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Pruitt Taylor Vince


Miami Vice Character
July 5, 1960, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Anne Schneider (divorced)
Julianne Mattelig (2003-present)

Pruitt Taylor Vince (born July 5, 1960, Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is an American actor who appeared as escaped convict Cruz in the episode "Bad Timing" of the series Miami Vice.

Vince's won an Emmy in 1996 for his role as "Clifford Banks", the serial killer in the series Murder One.

He is currently married (since 2003) to Julianne Mattelig after his previous marriage to Anne Schneider ended in divorce.

Selected Filmography

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1986 Down by Law First movie appearance
1987 Barfly J.C. Quinn
Frank Stallone
1988 Red Heat Laurence Fishburne
Brent Jennings
Brion James
Mississippi Burning R. Lee Ermey
Brad Dourif
1989 K-9 Ed O'Neill
John Snyder
Sherman Howard
1991 JFK Jay O. Sanders
1992 Quantum Leap (TV Series) Dean Stockwell
1994 China Moon Benicio del Toro
Natural Born Killers Everett Quinton
Nobody's Fool Jay Patterson
Bruce Willis
Melanie Griffith
1998 Doctor Doolittle Oliver Platt
2001 Gideon's Crossing (TV series) Ruben Blades
2004 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) Paul Guilfoyle
2005-06 Deadwood (TV series, 10 episodes) Dourif
Ian McShane
2009 Leaves of Grass Most recent movie appearance
2011 The Mentalist Most recent TV appearance