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Pride (In the Name of Love)


Featured in Episode
Top Chart Position (Hot 100)
33 (December 15, 1984, one week)
Year Released
The Unforgettable Fire
Bono, U2
RIAA Certification
Sequence song appears
Crockett meets Margaret in bar
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"Pride (In the Name of Love)" is a song by U2, featured on the album The Unforgettable Fire in 1984 and released as a single in September of that year. It appeared in the Miami Vice episode "The Prodigal Son".


  • Though the original idea was to show then-President Ronald Reagan's pride in the U.S. military buildup, Bono changed the song's focus (and lyrics), possibly after reading author Stephen B. Oates' (featured in the Ken Burns documentary The Civil War) book Let The Trumpet Sound: A Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and about Malcolm X, the song's meaning was changed to reflect both the violent and non-violent aspects of the civil rights movement.
  • The line about King's assassination "Early morning, April 4..." is factually incorrect, as his assassination took place after 6pm on April 4. When the song is performed live, Bono changes the line to "Early evening, April 4...".

Pride (In The Name Of Love) - U2 (HQ Audio)

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