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Philippe Sagot


Employee of Jean Faber
Incarcerated, murder of Richard Langley, Marcel, and two teen-aged sisters
Episode Appeared In
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Philippe Sagot is a Psycopathic employee of French-Canadian drug dealer Jean Faber with a Devotion of Intimidating Others and a Notorious Lack of Empathy towards his Victims. In 1986, 'he was sent to assassinate A.D.A. Richard Langley because he was investigating (with the DEA) Faber's organization. Sagot managed to sneak into the wedding of Langley's daughter disguised as a caterer with long hair and glasses, then pulled a gun and killed Langley and two teen-aged sisters who were bridesmaids, and escaped. Later Sagot is picked up on drug possession charges and is defended by Faber's attorney Laurence Thurmond, who was unwilling to defend him knowing he killed his friend Langley, so Thurmond surreptitiously let the police know the truth through anonymous tips. Sagot then killed his friend Marcel, who was interrogated by the police and revealed Sagot may be the killer, but wouldn't confirm it. After Thurmond's "death", Sagot tried to escape the country with a Speeding Boat Through Miami Coast,but was stopped by James "Sonny" Crockett who Jumped on his Boat when Sagot is Cornered and arrested him on murder charges, Posibly Facing the Rest of his Life in an American Prison.