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One of the Home Invaders
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Pete Romano (1962-1985) was one of the home invader crew (along with Jerry and Nicky) that had a string of invasions in Chicago, where he was rough with prostitutes, then they moved their operations to Miami and struck seven homes there, injuring the occupants, stealing jewelry, coins, etc., killing a Metro-Dade cop who happened along when Romano was in the getaway car, and using the guise of working as a parking lot attendant at Hair Emporium to get info on their targets, making copies of car keys, taking pictures, writing down license plate numbers, then coordinating their information to plan their attacks. Pete was upset with the crew because they turned down a potential $200,000 score because they couldn't prevent security from intervening. He was killed along with the others when they attacked the home of Muriel Goldman's daughter and Crockett and Castillo intervened and shot all the invaders down.