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Parris Buckner
Miami Vice Characters
SWAT Leader ("Cool Runnin'")
Alfred Clark ("Definitely Miami")
Bob Ballard ("Child's Play")
("To Have and to Hold")
Prosecutor ("Line of Fire")

Parris Clifton Buckner appeared in the show Miami Vice as the SWAT Leader tasked with getting a plan to deal with the Jamaican drug rip-off artists in the episode "Cool Runnin'", Alfred Clark, the attorney for Maria Rojas (played by Kamala Lopez) in the episode "Definitely Miami", an unnamed prosecutor in the episode "Line of Fire", and Bob Ballard, a businessman who marries Caroline Crockett (played by Belinda Montgomery) and is an expectant father (as well as a step-father to Billy Crockett) in the episodes "Child's Play" and "To Have and to Hold".

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