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Drug Lord
Deceased, killed after Paul Delgado jumped off a rooftop ledge onto him
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Palmo was a drug lord, owning numerous enterprises such as stables, clubs, and his drug empire. In 1988, his empire was infiltrated by James "Sonny" Crockett (as Sonny Burnett, a lawyer specializing in money laundering) and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs (as Rico Cooper, Vice President in charge of Collections), who become his guests, as Palmo insists on "getting to know them" before dealing with them, despite their impressive credentials, and has parties with Crockett and Tubbs every night. Palmo has a very diverse board consisting of Latinos, African-Americans, church pastors, and others involved in the daily operations of the empire, and Crockett and Tubbs' deals have to be OK'd by the entire board first. One of Palmo's men, Paul Delgado, is an informant that got Crockett and Tubbs their invite, but he also is a secret serial killer that takes young girls, dresses them up like dolls, injects them with fatal doses of cocaine, and dumping their bodies in various locations with one of his dolls beside them. Palmo, faced with police raids on his stables and clubs, organizes a posse to find the killer and they will be dealt with his way. They find Delgado and bring him to a trial of his peers. Palmo appoints Crockett as Delgado's defense lawyer, and after Crockett presents Delgado's defense, Palmo is ready to declare Delgado guilty, which prompts Delgado to run up to a rooftop ledge and jump, killing himself and Palmo in the impact.