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Paco Zamora


Leader, La Segunda Brigada
Deceased, shot dead by James "Sonny" Crockett while attempting to assassinate the Cuban Deputy Prison Commissioner
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Paco Zamora was an anti-Castro soldier, leader of the paramilitary group La Segunda Brigada, whose goal it is to overthrow Fidel Castro for his takeover of their native Cuba and the oppressive nature of his rule. Zamora enlisted the aid of Jack Slade, a FBI agent who used an old partner, Victor Vasquez to do his bidding, or risk losing his family. Zamora got wind of a drug deal with Armando Rojas, and his attempt to steal the $400,000 cash Rojas was going to use failed due to Metro-Dade Vice being present, Zamora killed detective Pedroza before running off, later getting the buy money when James "Sonny" Crockett, investigating Pedroza's murder, infiltrated Zamora's group. After getting the information he needed (the limo route of a visiting Cuban national) to carry out an assassination, Zamora brought a rocket-launcher and shot it at the limo, only to miss and find Crockett waiting inside, and the Vice detective shot Zamora down.