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Oscar Carrera


Head of the Carrera cocaine cartel
Deceased, shot by Miguel Carrera
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Oscar Carrera was the head of the Carrera drug empire, operated out of Miami with loading docks in the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Central/South America. His son, Miguel, is an ambitious college graduate who wants to take the cartel to new directions, but his father, being from the "old school", does not want to take those steps, including attacking his rival, El Gato, head-on, but to "pick his spots". He brings in as his main shooter and head of security Sonny Burnett, who previously worked for Miguel Manolo, El Gato's brother, assassinated by Carrera's transportation chief Cliff King, and his experience in the drug trade proves invaluable to both Carreras. However Burnett has his own agenda, to take over the cartel, and moves to turn father and son against each other, using Carrera's wife and Miguel's step-mother, Celeste, coveted by both, as a lightning rod. Carrera challenges his son after seeing him making out with Celeste, and a fight ensues, which ends when Miguel pulls out a gun and shoots his father, killing him and sending him down a flight of stairs in their home.