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Orrestes Pedrosa


Soldier, Cuban Revolutionary Army (1961)
Drug Dealer (1987)
Deceased, shot by Gina Calabrese
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Orrestes Pedrosa was a soldier in the Cuban Revolutionary Army when Castro took over the country. He was also a lover of jazz music and was in love with a nightclub singer, Elena Obregon. But Elena was in a relationship with an East German intelligence officer named Klaus Herzog, and Pedrosa's jealousy got the best of him, and Pedrosa shot Elena dead in a nightclub feeling "if I can't have her, no one will". Herzog, horrified about this, swore to track Pedrosa down and kill him. In 1980, Pedrosa arrived via the boatlift and founded the import/export (drugs) business Equinox Transport. One of his assistants, Gerbey, received ten kilos of cocaine that Pedrosa brought in through diplomatic channels (being in Cuban intelligence), but Gerbey committed suicide when confronted by police. Herzog tracked Pedrosa into Miami and was looking for him, but Pedrosa began attending the Miami nightclub The Blue Club and found Elena's daughter, Gina Calabrese, was the singer. Herzog also found Gina and revealed the secret about her mother, and it was Herzog that suggested Gina begin singing there. Pedrosa was to be arrested for his drug dealings, but Herzog finally confronted Pedrosa again, but before Pedrosa could kill Herzog, Gina shot her mother's killer to death.