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Onofrio Avila


Drug Dealer
Incarcarated, Drug dealing and obstruction of justice
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Onofrio Avila was a drug dealer that has been under observation by Metro-Dade Vice for an undetermined period, accumulating a large file. In 1987, Avila made a deal with a rogue policeman, Glenn McIntyre, to get all of the files on him in exchange for a large sum of cash to be divided between McIntyre and another "rogue cop", Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. Tubbs obtained the files and Avila used them to bait a trap for the police to go to a warehouse where a loaded shotgun was waiting, but the bomb squad disarmed the real bullets and DEA Agent Ayres (who entered the warehouse) was shot with blanks, but this convinced Avila that all was OK with Tubbs. Later, when Tubbs' ruse was discovered by McIntyre's girlfriend Vicky, Avila and McIntyre took Tubbs to kill him, but James "Sonny" Crockett arrived as well as Bobby Diaz, Diaz killed two of Avila's goons before McIntyre mortally wounded Diaz, and Crockett forced Avila to surrender and was taken into custody.