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Odette Ribaud


Former maid in the Octavio Arroyo House
Friend of Gina Calabrese
Deceased, committed suicide
Episode Appeared In
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Odette Ribaud is a Haitian immigrant who worked in the Octavio Arroyo house as a maid, then left after being raped by Arroyo's son Nico and began working at a grocery store. She sent $50 per week to Haiti to her mother and two sisters, Sara and Juanita, but her mother feared for her life in America, alone. Odette and Gina Calabrese became close friends, Gina buying nice dresses for her friend, but Nico returned and raped Odette in Gina's apartment, and Gina backed her on filing charges against Arroyo, but his powerful father flew Odette's mother from Haiti to Miami to pay her $10,000 to have Odette drop the rape charges, which she did over Gina's objections, to which Odette reminded Gina of her family's poor life in Haiti, that $10,000 would buy a lifetime of food, clothes, and housing. But Nico returned to Odette's and told her that he "owns her" after what his father did, and Odette, depressed over the turn of events, committed suicide by slitting her wrists, but left a note behind for Gina explaining the truth about Nico Arroyo.