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This article is about the associate of William Maynard. For the Metro-Dade Specialist, see O'Hara (Lab Specialist).


Paramilitary Soldier
Goon for Maynard
Deceased, killed by James "Sonny" Crockett in shootout
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O'Hara was a member of William Maynard's paramilitary force sent to Nicaragua to fight in the Civil War there on the side of the Contras. He was involved in an attack on the village of Acension, killing a priest, Joseph Mattingly, and the cameraman of Ira Stone, who was there to capture

O'Hara as soldier

evidence of what he thought were American soldiers in Nicaragua, not knowing it was his old enemy Maynard (along with a group of businessmen) financing the effort. O'Hara saw Stone in Nicaragua with his camera, so Maynard sent him to find Stone and/or the tape and take care of it. O'Hara was waiting for Stone at the airport, then at a local TV station, later on Crockett's boat, killed reporter Alicia Mena, and finally posing as a federal officer who picked Stone up out of jail on a false warrant, and O'Hara tortured Stone, first by tying him up and force-feeding him, then shooting his legs with a .22 gun. When Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs found him, a shootout began, O'Hara was killed, but not before fatally wounding Stone. Originally he had a thick beard, but when he was sent to Miami to pose as a federal agent he shaved it off either to throw Stone off and/or to look more convincing.