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Nugart "Noogie" Lamont


Informant to Crockett and Tubbs
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Nugart Neville Lamont (born 1954), better known as Noogie or -- as he preferred to refer to himself -- The Noogman, was a street-wise ex-con who served as an informant for Crockett and Tubbs on drug cases.



Noogie had a rap sheet, mainly dealing in stolen merchandise, and was arrested and sent to jail in 1983. He spent a year on the inside (serving time with Desmond Maxwell) before being released in 1984, returning to the Miami streets to work his old connections.

Becoming an informant

When Noogie attempted to fence stolen merchandise in Broward, he unwittingly stumbled into the sting operation being run by Switek and Zito. Having been caught red-handed, Noogie offered up information on former cellmate Desmond Maxwell in order to spare himself further jail time -- having learnt of OCB's interest in Maxwell by pilfering some paperwork as he sat in the unit's office. Noogie went to work with Crockett and Tubbs on the case, although at first his interest lay in escaping custody more than helping the Vice cops clear the case. However, he eventually came to develop a level of respect for Crockett and Tubbs. Unfortunately, Noogie was captured by Maxwell and his gang, and while the Vice cops succeeded in saving him, he received a gunshot wound to the arm in the process. Nevertheless, Noogie decided to continue his work with Crockett and Tubbs because "he saw the big picture".

Later cases

Some time after the Maxwell case, Noogie helped close the Sally Alvarado investigation -- having heard of Crockett's reluctance to give up informant Bob Rickert in court, even spending time in jail on a contempt citation for his troubles, Noogie arranged for a fellow streetperson named "Trick Baby" to pass on vital info on Alvarado to Crockett and Tubbs, in the process serving up Lupo Ramirez as well (and saving Gina's life).

Later, Noogie provided the info that broke open General Lao Li's grandsons' plan to introduce "China White that's just right", before going on to work with Switek and Zito and fellow informant Izzy Moreno to bring down Costelada, a stolen goods middleman. Noogie later married stripper Ample Annie in a strip/wedding ceremony, after which he seemingly left the streets, befriending pirate radio DJ Captain Hook. He remained an acquaintance of Izzy, taking part in a mock sword fight to mark the opening of a new movie when a strange man ran through their fight eating tons of peanut butter.

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